Mobile guarding

Mobile guarding Mobile guarding is new service at the Serbian market and PROGARD is the first security company in Serbia that has established Mobile Guarding department. At the end of the year 2006., new mobile guarding service department was created by merging Monitoring department and Control & quality department.

Department has 10 vehicles and 33 officers that are assigned to provide this service within the territory of Serbia. Progard is in possibility to quickly assign new mobile team within 24 hours, because 140 security officers has attended and completed advance training of Progard Academia to provide mobile guarding service. Each team is equipped with handheld radio communicators, Tour guard system (Morse Watchman), handheld flashlights, VPN cell phones, digital cameras.

Mobile guarding service consists of two basic services:

Patrol is performed under predescribed procedures. Director proposes annual, monthly and weekly plans and work schedules for patrolling the predefined routes.

Patrol service covers:

  • Visit to predefined site or area
  • Security check perimeter and/or interior of secured sites
  • Control visits to a sites secured by security officers
  • Locking/Unlocking of secured sites
  • Providing back up to a different Progard’s departments (vehicle escort, check of the secured industrial perimeters...)
  • Reporting obstructed fire exits
  • Reporting defective security devices, locks, fences etc
  • Setting and unsetting of alarms
  • Checking potential fire hazards
Direct instructions for intervention are from officer on duty in Operational center and are considered as “first priority” proposition

Intervention includes:

  • Check of the site’s perimeter upon the receiving alarm signal
  • Check of the site’s interior upon the receiving alarm signal
  • Providing back up to a different Progard’s departments in the case of incidents/accidents
  • Secure the site upon the incident/accident in order to preserve the evidences until arrival of official authorities
  • If possible, prevent persons breaking in to leave the place until arrival of the Police