Human resources, security equipment and tools

PROGARD employs over 2800 security officers – in order to provide exceptional quality of services, it has invested in respective technical base support, comprising:

  • Progard Academy with a library containing large professional security literature
  • Largest CIT fleet in the country – 78 CIT vehicles (25 armored);
  • 31 vehicles for supervision and control;
  • Two licensed proprietary radio communication lines with 7 transmitters across Serbia and supplementary equipment – over 300 handheld and stationary radio communicators; internal VPM mobile phone network with 300 mobiles
  • One central and one back-up Operations Center equipped with sophisticated software & hardware in Belgrade; 5 Operations Centers in Serbia
  • Unique CIT dispatch center
  • Adequate outfit and kit for security officers to assure their efficient duty (winter/summer clothes – variation of specially designed uniforms for different types of sites e.g. industrial, banks, embassies etc. ; ID cards; handheld metal detectors; bomb search tools & kits; bulletproof vests; etc.
  • 720 hand guns (including 8 shotguns and 6 automatic rifles)
  • Modern systems for electronic supervision of security officers work at the protected sites. Morse Watchman touch-buttons are reliable and deliver a 100% control over protected area. The electronic controling devices (checkpoints) which are placed all over the protected area must be frequently checked. This means that security officer MUST patrol the perimiter and check himself at theese electronicaly monitored checkpoints at the exact period of time previosuly programed by Progard upon the Employers wishes. Monthly reports are delivered.