PROGARD is the leading private security company in Serbia, with over 3500 employees. PROGARD was founded in 1992 by Mr. Miroslav Gojković (former Deputy Chief of Belgrade Police Department) and Ms. Milena Ignjatović who recognized the need and the opportunities for development of a professionally managed security company.

In the beginning, the Company only offered to its clients manned guarding services (first client - Hotel HYATT Regency Belgrade). The Company then grew up very quickly and started offering other security services such as cash-In-Transit, alarm monitoring, mobile guarding, security systems, security consulting, fire protection etc.

Over the years, due to its highly professional and motivated management, we evolved into the leading private security company. We are present in more than 135 cities and towns across Serbia and we have branches in Macedonia and Montenegro.

PROGARD’s market share increased along the business expansion of its major clients (foreign banks, industrial sites, petrol retailers, retail stores, etc.). Thus, PROGARD is well placed to benefit from the growth of its clients which will track the substantial development of the Serbian economy.

In May 2008 control share package of company PROGARD G4S was acquired by leading global security company GROUP 4 SECURICOR (G4S) which employs over 600,000 people in 110 countries worldwide, and it has annual turnover of over 7 billion €. G4S penetration to local security market began in 2006/2007 by acquisition of local security company DMD Sistem which has 1000 employees. Integration between PROGARD and G4S (DMD) is currently in process whereas the new G4S Serbia company shall have over 4500 employees.

„G4S“ customers are West Point Military Academy and Pentagon, all German military institutions, 32 nuclear power stations in USA, embassies in 32 countries, airports, security of oil pipeline in Kazakhstan, and company was also securing Olympic games in Athens.